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Unicorn Eraser

Unicorn Eraser

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If you've been writing or drawing with your favourite pencil and you've made a mistake, do not worry! Your new favourite eraser will make the mark disappear faster than fresh-baked pastries in a police station.

This unicorns aren’t just any ordinary unicorns; they have the magical powers of erasing and make you fall in love with them! The Unicorn Eraser is waiting to be your BFF, too. Unicorns that are BFFs? What more could you want?

Smiggles is what all desire. The vibrant and joyful colours represent inner you. Quirky and cute eraser for stationery lover and hoarders! There are just perfect for kids return favours or personal use. Don't miss out these super adorable and affordable eraser.

Erase all the writing mistake you have done with these heart-warming erasers which come in cute unicorn shape. These adorable erasers will add instant cuteness to any desktop or pencil case! They are very good quality and easily remove pencil marks. Environment friendly and non-toxic material, ideal for students or office workers.

Making mistakes using pencil won't be too bad when they get to use one of these! Erasers don't fold or bend and break when you use a lot of pressure to erase.

Package Include : 1 Pcs Random Design
Made from soft and non-toxic rubber material.
Keeps your pages fresh after using
1 Pc Unicorn Eraser
Great gift for kids and unicorn lovers
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