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Pastel Color Pencils 12 Shades

Pastel Color Pencils 12 Shades

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Let the creative juices flow! Get your hands on this set of color pencils and let those imaginations come to reality. Durable, bold, and long-lasting.

Now colour all your worries away with this set of colour pencils. Just pick up your book, a paper or anything else you want and start filing in beautiful colours. Perfect for acing those school projects or holiday homework's. The set contains a total of 12 shades that will help you turn your imagination into reality.

These Colourful Pens are perfect for all your mood swings. You can doodle, draw or simply pen down your thoughts and notes. Keeps you active the whole school/work day.

You don't have to use the same boring pencils everyday when you got so many options. The perfect choice if you want to expand your pen collection with colours and cute designs.

Material: Wood + Lead
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