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Melting Embossed Mug With Stainless Steel Straw and a Lid

Melting Embossed Mug With Stainless Steel Straw and a Lid

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-- A breath of fresh air infused in your favourite beverage served in our Mug sounds like a perfect plan for a relaxed evening. Our premium products are built from the highest quality materials and intuitively designed to modernize your home.

-- It is absolutely heart-breaking when you make the perfect cup of tea or coffee and then forget about it completely. We have all been through that. This Ceramic mug with a lid is a life-saving gift for someone who takes their tea or coffee very very seriously.

-- Bring some flash into your room with this unique-styled mug. Featuring a comfortable C-shaped handle, this quirky ceramic mug with a stainless steel straw is suitable for cold as well as hot drinks. Lid of the cup ensures that the drinks remain warm

-- This mug can take more than you think. This ceramic mug with a simple Random message would remind your loved ones to find millions of reasons to do so.

-- If you are looking for a gift for someone who is always glowing and brightens up your life also just by being there, then look no further. A mug as a gift is your way to add a tiny spark to their already electrifying lives.

Product Features:

Includes a mug, lid and spoon
Material: Premium Ceramic
Capacity: 450 ML
Do not Microwave or Dishwasher safe; hand wash only
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Comes with an assurance of quality.
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