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Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

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Want a coffee cup that will charm a photography buff? Get this DSLR Camera Lens Coffee Mug! An incredible-looking cup that truly resembles a real camera lens!  
  • Material. This fun novelty coffee mug is composed of food-grade poly-carbonate material to ensure it is healthy and safe for drinking. You can also employ it for alternative uses, such as holding pens or coins.

  • Accurate Replica. The coffee cup has been designed to mimic the classic Canon 24-105 mm camera lens. It is a 1:1 scale model of the lens, and looks so genuine that your photographer friends will be amazed!

  • Fine Detailed Engravings. The craftsmanship behind this coffee mug is astonishing. Every detail is precisely engraved or configured to present the most convincing replica possible. The lines and markings are finely molded or painted⁠—they are not stickers.

  • Removable Lens Cover Lid. The coffee mug comes with a very realistic-looking camera lens that serves as a beverage cover. Please note that this lid is not designed to form a tight seal on the mouth of the cup. It is built for decorative purposes.

  • A Great, Unique Gift. Wouldn't you love to give this well-designed coffee cup as a present to a friend or a family member? It is the perfect gift to give a photographer, a camera collector or anyone who likes fun, clever coffee mugs.

    Delight in a beautiful coffee cup that looks like real photography equipment! Get the DSLR Camera Lens Coffee Mug now!

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