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Cactus Dancing Toy

Cactus Dancing Toy

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Do your kids love moving toys? Hell yes, they just can’t have enough of them. Well, this Dancing Cactus Toy is looking for a lively partner to play with him. Give him the friendship of your kid and your kid will receive loads of happiness and enjoyment in return. 

This little fella can be your cool and comical companion. Just look at it wave its body for you! Whatever your current situation in life, this dancing cactus plush toy can definitely bring you joy and laughter with the quirky way it sings and dances! 

The pot and the body of the dancing cactus toy is made of plush PP cotton. It features two arms, big, popping eyes, and a wide red smile. The material is totally child-safe. 

When the button is pressed, the stagnant cactus pops into life and starts shaking his body in a circle while singing different songs. It is perfect for your crying kid or a party celebration. The songs will change after you turn it off once and then turn it on. 

Put it in your bedroom and enjoy a good laugh before dozing off. Put it in your office to take some stress off while working. Put it in your kids' rooms so they'll learn this new and cool way of dancing (or not!) 
It is rechargeable. The battery is not required. A separate USB is given to charge the toy. Using for 1 hour, charge for 3 hours. When the battery is charged the function automatically stops, the indicator lamp is lit up, and the full indicator lamp is extinguished. 

Sold individually. 

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