Whether be its your kids' birthdays or any other special occasion it has always been difficult for parents or anyone who is gifting to find a perfect gift. A gift that is not only easily lovable by kids but also make them creative. If you are troubling with the same, well now you don’t have to brood anymore!

Because Giftastic has an amazing collection of unique gifts and not only for kids they have something for everyone.

In this blog I will show you top 5 gifts that your kids will play for weeks without losing interest in it.

Here are some top picks with links below so you can buy them easily.

1. Bubble Camera

Blowing bubbles are always fun task to do. Not only little kids but even grownups enjoy that too. Obviously, who haven’t blown bubbles in their childhoods. Everyone has that memory of popping bubbles and seeing those bubbles floating in air.

This unlimited bubble camera machine is an awesome gift for your children. This durable bubble machine is super easy to use, just press the button and your kid will enjoy countless colorful bubbles.

Your kids will definitely enjoy the bubble machine and will be engaged for hours. It has hanging strap that is adjustable so that your kid can use both indoors and outdoors.

Bubble camera unique and quirky gifts



2. 3D Printing Pen

Drawing and painting is cool but have you ever thought of 3D painting? If yes then you should absolutely go with magical 3D pen. It will make all your drawings look more actual with its 3D thread. It takes all your drawing to 3D magical world.

If you wanted to give a smart gift that is not only playful but develops child imaginations and inspire creativity in them, then there’s nothing better than this.

And also, it’s completely safe as it doesn’t have any harmful and pollutant materials in it. Even the heated filament gets cool before coming out of nozzle exits.

3D pen Gift for kids



3. Pop It Bubble Fidget Toy

Pop it bubbles is definitely making its place in everyone's heart nowadays. People of all ages are loving it. This rainbow sensory toy can also be used as a game that makes it more interesting. This can be a great toy for those kids who spend more time to their phone and lose their calm easily.

It also makes popping sound when the bubbles are pressed and that excites kids a lot. Once you pop out all the bubbles you can turn it and start again. It's an excellent stress reliever!

This fidget toy is available in many shapes; you can buy your favorite one.

Pop it Fidget Fun Toy



4. Piggy Bank

Do you remember how we all used to get excited when our parents gave us pocket money and then run towards the piggy bank to save it and calling it our money? That piggy bank was no less than a bank account for us.

Saving money is not just a task but also responsibility for kids and teaching them value of money is ours. So, if you also want to teach them the importance of money and then gift this piggy bank to them.

This piggy bank is super interesting as it comes with password features and automatic money rolling. It also plays songs when you drop your money in piggy bank. Kids will love this.

It is available in many cute patterns.

Unicorn ATM piggy bank coin bank gift



5. Scratch Sheets

Who don’t love surprises? I don’t think so anyone is going raise their hands for this. This scratch sheet is more like surprising art sheet as no one knows that what color will pop out after scratching it. And that makes it more entertaining.

The scratch sheet comes with a wooden stylus to scratch sheet with your kids' creative innovations.

If your kid is obsessed with art then you should definitely gift this. They will be for surely to get attracted to it.

I hope that these top 5 gifts from will be helpful for you. Don’t forget to order.

Colorful Scratch Sheet Paper




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